Creature of Habit

So i guess I am just like everyone else running around this planet. I like things, how I like things. I will not fix, change or adjust it if it is still functioning as I intended for it.
I discovered its the same for my social media accounts. I havent changed my profiles pictures or backgrounds since the last time I altered them. Which must have been some two three years, possibly four years ago.
I only altered my google profile picture, because the previous one from a not so interesting night. Not sure If I like it, but lets see if it’ll grow on me.

Anyway in other news. I am no longer than random 23 year old girl starting out in the legal practice. I am some odd 26 years, soon to be 27. And I have grown somewhat in the practice.

Two weeks ago, I started working in a different law firm. Working under one of the best practitioners this country has. So its a combination of excitement and fear all at once. But that’s not the weird part. The office practice and everything else is so different. The people diverse. And of course the office politics here is brutal. It is on another level. The people are young.

And they all want to leave. Looking for greener pastures. Their complaints, the boss, the other associate. The hours. None except the other associate has been here for at the very least an year. The boss is pretty senior, so my guess is he is a proper creature of habit.

I now approach cautiously I guess. See what the future brings me. While I do that I try and learn Bossman’s habits.



Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
No time to hesitate
Those who run seem to have all the fun
I’m caught up
I don’t know what to do.

WOW!!!! A whole year has just flown by!!

I cant believe it. So much has changed. So much has happened.

So much to share.

So here’s my #30DayChallenge. I need to catch up so badly!!

You need to catch up so badly.

So for the next thirty days how about I catch you up with a little something something. Yeah?

So how about we start with this video right here

Incomplete, unfinished thoughts

I have this dull ache at the frontal lobe of my head.

Been there since I woke up. Really need to have that checked out. Though I have a feeling its somewhat connected to my failing eyesight. Still not yet ready to have confirmed by a professional. That will be just another thing to add to my list of things that I have already done before my years become salty.

Just one of those days I feel like wallowing in my own misery. Not that my life is going terribly or anything, just those small failures weighing heavy on my mind today in particular. I know where it started but not sure how it spiraled into what feels like full blown depression.
Hmmmm…..Whatever shall I do???

Lips, Tips .

For somethings Words don’t quite capture the essence


Words don’t do you much justice.
I’m inching closer to you.
My hands wander.
I figure getting close to you would be a start of something great.
I met my queen.
I don’t have much to say.
Words don’t do you much justice.
I’m inching closer to you.
My lips gripping your right cheek.
I started on the right side leaving where I left off.
No there’s isn’t another one.
I had you in my dreams.

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In my eyes…


“Truth above all. I’m a perfect imperfection.”

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Alliance Girls High School – The School Song

Friends are precious, they’re the best of all gifts that one can ever have 
Nothing material, can take the place of the comradeship between you and I 

Genuine friendship has no jealousy nor pride 
It has no envy and no lies 
It has no room for loneliness and pain 
Because it’s all based on love 
Based on love 

The light of Alliance, has always been and forever will be our guide 
Challenge can never, alter the course of the goals we’ve all set for our lives 
The light of Alliance stands for unity and hope 
It binds us together makes us one 
It gives us the strength to courageously go forth 
All in the power of the Lord 
Of the Lord.

Still of the night

There in the still of the night when my thoughts come out to play. In the stillness with nothing but silence where I can hear nothing but my thoughts swirling around my head. Coming at me in waves, ebb and flow. Bitter and sweet, no, more bitter than sweet.
All my triumphs seem so trivial in the face of my failure. Failing to rid my heart and my thoughts of him. Instead, I seem to have fallen deeper into this madness that is us. I feel strangely alone in this. Like its only me who feels this.

24, a Breast and Quarter Life Crisis

Mes pensées

Juste quand je pense que je vais bien, quelque chose d’autre essaie de me faire tomber.

Je veux être heureux pour vous, mais je ne peux pas partir de cette position que je suis en.

Si je t’aime, je veux être avec vous mais pas comme ça.

 Ce doit être la dernière fois.


Au revoir mon amour



Sheer madness!

nothing but absolute stupidty

Madness I tell you!

No better way to describe it

than madness

Stark raving madness!


I’m saying things

I’m doing things

Things i know no good can come from

things that hurt me

And hurt I am

But still, here I am

Still at it

Still hoping

Still praying


For I know not what to do

So I sit here

close my eyes

And hope for the madness to pass